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Once upon a sunny day,
Kids played outside.
Their screeches could be heard five blocks away,
The sun would go down, yet all stayed outside-
Hiding and seeking like the day had just begun.
Hot and sweaty messes for dinner
But the mothers could care less.
Those were the days of true enjoyment,
And when all was said and done the kids fell asleep at the sights of their beds.
Dreaming of another day of pure excitement.
Once upon a sunny day,
All the kids would return to play.

The smile faded a long time ago
Replaced by the anguish in their souls
Memories vanishing into the vortex
The new belief was to give up on believing

We all have memories

Some want to forget them

Some want new ones

Some have bad memories

Some have great memories

Some climb mountains

Some want to be alone

Some want to party all night

What does a good friend of mine want?

Maybe just a higher education

Or is it to go outside her comfort zone?

Maybe, but honestly I couldn’t answer any of those

Only she can, and she gives us that opportunity

Go check out a good friend of mines blog

Friend’s blog

The night sky over us
Stars glowing bright
But our phones glow brighter

I wanna show you 

Introduction of my life 

Don’t ask no questions

I saw the day coming 

But I was prepared 

It hit me hard

I’m still standing

But I’m getting weaker

And I see another wave coming

And I hear the thunder in the distance

Can I take the upcoming hits?


Adventure awaits
Inspiration in the clouds
Ready for flight
People await on the other side
Leaving vacation
And entering college
Navigating the skies
Ecstatic about life
Summer is coming to an end


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The plane leaves in five hours
I’m keep sleeping

Motors blasting through the window 

Joggers ipod sounds coming through 

Small kids with loud voices coming through

The music on my laptop 

Keeping my morning together 

Night screens

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The night sky over us
Stars glowing bright
But our phones glow brighter