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You said hi
So it’s my turn to say goodbye
You mesmerized me into a maze
And laughed at me all the way along
I thought I finished
But the game keeps going on
Your white dress is disgusting
Pretend to love me and hug me for once
So I can light a match
And watch your dress go up in flames
Blind mice can figure out mazes
What did you think would happen with me?

Something about the morning
Quiet and just birds chirping
Time to think
Time to relax
The morning
A time for the day to start off good

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It is always there

Chemical weapons or guns 

Many types of pain

I just made up my mind. This weekend I will find time to write in my poem story novel. End of discussion. 

Today is Sunday
Tomorrow the week begins
Oh wait, that’s not true

I have off Monday
Thank you so much Labor Day
I love having breaks

Type the words onto the screen 

Yeah, it’s harder than just that 

It’s called motivation

I lack it for this essay

It is due Monday

Just write THE ESSAY

I have a bad feeling

It’s going to be long time to write it

A word there, break, another word

Hopefully by Sunday night it is done 🙂 


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The weekend is here
Should I be lazy?
Or try to get work done?
So far my bed is winning
Hopefully it’s just a lazy morning

Seems like every weekend I’m out in the pool…

Pool time once again
Spending my summer weekends
I’d say good weekends