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5 days until Mountaineer Football! We take on William and Mary Saturday at 12pm! 

The concert is now

The fun is also right now 

Next day will be hell

Too much

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All the others are moving in
Chaos surrounds each building
And inside is another story
To be continued…


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I’m in Morgantown, West Virginia and tomorrow I move into my dorm! 🙂

I saw the day coming
It was in the distance
But now it’s with in arms length
As it approaches
I start to realize
What I’m about to be doing
Living on my own
And going to college
For the very first time

So I’m back home, but only here to sleep one night. THen off to a reunion. Then off to college. Next week this blog will be up and running daily. So I’d say about another 3-5 days and this blog will be a lot more active. 

Following sports will talked about a lot. 

WVVU Football

Washington Nationals 


WVU Basketball 


Capitals Hockey 

THose are the teams i will be following. But all sports that I find interesting will also be discussed too. Hope you enjoy this blog in full action soon. Thanks 🙂

I’m dressed in WVU yellow
I’d say I’m ready
Ready for this college thing

Waking up early to get in an hour of writing the book before going to work. Oh also it’s Monday. Last week I’m in Silicon Valley for my job. Then off to college!

I’m turning the page
The new chapter is ahead
This chapter will rock

College in two weeks
I am a newbie freshman
I’m still so pumped up