Life line

Posted: January 18, 2014 in Uncategorized
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I don’t wanna live dead
I’ve seen it a thousand times before
Bones with movement isn’t enough
A soul full of sludge doesn’t work
I’ve heard the tales of the broken
My eyes don’t wanna feel that
I don’t wanna live dead
Just keep the needle in me
That fills me with life

  1. Ezekiel Fish says:

    a very powerful piece of poetry my friend.

  2. thepoetx says:

    Wow this I really appreciate this, life can suck the life out of you sometimes, strive to always be great and use your obstacles as pillars. Loved this poem.

  3. Your poetry is almost like going to therapy. I like that it causes me to stop and think.

  4. ricky1871 says:

    I enjoyed this. The poem’s power lies in the seeming simplicity of its prose, which is full of abrupt and urgent life.

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